Magic of Making UpQuite often a separation will happen as the result of fights and other emotional flare-ups between couples. A separation isn’t quite the same thing as a divorce or a break up, but is intended more as a time out for the couple which allows them to cool off and decide whether or not they want to patch things up or make the split permanent. Some separated couples find themselves rethinking the separation after a little time apart and decide to start working on the relationship in the effort to stay together.

There are some signs to keep an eye out for which may indicate that your ex is interested in getting back together and repairing the relationship or marriage. One of the best signs your ex wants you back is also the most obvious;  a call from your spouse or partner, especially if it is accompanied by evidence that they are taking some time to work on the issues which led to the separation.

Reconnecting With Your Partner

Having your partner actually reach out to you by phone or in person are the most surefire signs that your partner is interested in working with you to get your relationship back on track and possibly reunite. These are signs your ex partner wants you back; if they’re not interested in seeing you, then chances are they won’t make an effort to get in touch with you unless absolutely necessary.  If your spouse or partner is trying to communicate with you, it means that they are at the very least not committed to avoiding you entirely.

Start Rekindling Your Relationship Now!


Another of the strongest signs your ex wants you back is if they suggest that the two of you start attending counseling sessions, whether individually or as a couple. The suggestion of counseling means that your partner feels that your relationship or marriage is worth saving and that they are willing to put time, effort and money into repairing things. It is also an acknowledgment of the problem; this is the first step in the healing process.

When you or your spouse makes the commitment of going to a counselor or therapist, it is a sign that the two of you are interested in making your relationship whole again. There are few things which are a better indicator that a relationship is one that you and your partner or spouse are serious about putting your energy and resources into making your relationship one which is healthy and will grow as you move forward.