Magic of Making UpIf you’ve read the divorce statistics then you might think that nearly all relationships are going to fail. However, you have the power to keep your relationship together. Believing that failure of your relationship is an option is possibly one of the fastest ways for it to fail. For many people, they say that they basically fell out of love. Well here are some ways to avoid falling out of love and to keep your relationship in one piece.

This is Not a Hollywood Screenplay

One key thing to keep in mind is that your relationship is not like a movie. There has been a link between breakup rates and the demand for more personal fulfillment in life. People were comfortable with less fifty years ago, and so relationships lasted. It is important that we go back to that time when people were satisfied with less. More realistic standards will help you achieve this without lowering your standards.

Life is not a movie, and you cannot count on your partner to play the role of a leading lady or man. Having expectations that are unworkable will have you experiencing falling out of love the fastest. You need to give one hundred percent and expect fifty percent in return. If your partner does the same, then you will be in a win-win situation.

Start Rekindling Your Relationship Now!

Keep The Romance Alive

Even though you are not a fictional Hollywood character, it is still vital to avoid falling out of love by maintaining the romance. Do not allow yourself to fall into a long slump. Rather, make dinner plans weekly, if possible, or bi weekly if you cannot do it every week. At dinner, make sure to talk about things that interest both of you, not just pleasantries. Having opposing views on something is okay. In fact, the passion of arguing can often times keep the romance alive for some people. So make plans and be romantic. Take your wife on a romantic sunset stroll or bring your husband breakfast in bed.

Expect Valleys

Extreme highs and lows are part of life. The key to surviving the valleys and not experiencing falling out of love is to know that you are in for a mountain top experience soon. Remember, valleys are meant to be traveled through, not stayed in. When you find yourself in a valley take action to get out of it. Put work into your relationship and you can avoid the feeling that you fell out of love.